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Hi folks, we’re back. We just finished our month long trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota and back through Colorado and the Four Corners. This was an enlightening trip for us in that we wanted to get a feeling for how it would be if we were to full time in Bright RV. Are we ready? No. are we intrigued? Definitely!
I’ll post in our next blog the trials an tripulations (pun intended) of that trip.

We found out that our current RV, Lakbay the Intruder whose picture adorns the front page of this blog, is not what we want to full time in. It’s a very good coach with many upgrades that makes it road worthy and livable. It would seem to be an ideal coach for someone who wants to full time in an RV but for us we have discovered that it doesn’t fit our needs. Our problem is that we’re not quite sure and not quite agreed on what we would desire to live in full time. We have grown daughters (twins) who are married and are both hoping to be parents, which would make us grandparents. They live in SoCal and neither of us want to rent down there. We also have sons in NorCal and plus Sally’s sister and her cousins live up here. What to do?

The obvious answer for us would be to have an RV that we could live in comfortably and move it around easily. Lakbay is over 38 feet long and requires storage when we don’t use it. That’s not a real big issue since we also rent a 32 foot Winnebago Class C RV and can store Lakbay where we rent the Winnie. A bigger issue for us is the cost of fuel since Lakbay is a gasser. That means low MPG especially when we tow. While we’re not poor we do have to budget and to live a live on the road and traveling from here to there we do have to watch our pennies.

So that means we are renting Lakbay. We don’t know exactly what we will eventually replace it for full time travel. Our short term plan is to continue renting RVs under the TheBrightWayRVrs banner. We will add to our inventory and have in addition to the Class C a couple of light weight Travel Trailers. So we will always have something to go out and see the world.


  1. Tony:

    We are interested in renting your RV for the 10 days before Labor Day (late August into early September). I know that is a premium time.

    How can I get your rates for that time?

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