If you’ve already read the two part blog on renting an RV for the first time, a question may have crossed your mind. How do we get around once we’ve reached our destination?  When you’re on a trip that is more than an hour away it’s somewhat inconvenient for you to bring your own vehicle. If the owner of the RV doesn’t provide for a tow dolly for your vehicle, and most don’t, you have to find alternative means for getting around at your destination. Also most RV owners don’t provide for flat towing, IE, towing your car with all four wheels down on the road. Your car needs to have a special system on the front to accommodate tow bars that are used for the connection between RV and car. It can simply be that you don’t want to tow another vehicle especially if you’re not experienced with the RV that you’re renting.

A lot depends on the destination. If you are camping at a National Park it’s possible that the park you’re staying in has a shuttle bus system. Many National Parks provide this so that they can cut back on traffic congestion. In addition it’s better for the park environment. When you’re camping location is in a park that doesn’t have a shuttle system or is more than walking distance then you need to look at alternative means of transportation. Now there are some RV resorts that do provide shuttles to the towns or attractions that they are near, but those are the exception.

Shuttle Service

The easiest way to get around, if you are traveling short distances and are in relatively good health, is a bicycle. Bikes are easy to take with you on your trip as they store easily in most RVs. When you’re traveling with children, having their bikes is almost a requirement as they love to ride their bikes and it’s also their way of exploring.

Bikes 3

Bikes 2


What if you’re not into bike riding or your destination is further away from your RV than you want to ride a bike to. Then the best way to get around is to rent a car or a van, depending on the numbers traveling with you. We use Enterprise car rentals frequently for a number of reasons. First I have to disclose that our son works for Enterprise, however I am not endorsing them over any other car rental service. Some RV parks have any one of the major car rental services on their premises, so they may be the most convenient for you. We like Enterprise for two main reasons. First is that they are located near many attractions and they are in virtually any town that is a population center for the region that you are in. The second reason, and the one that generally separates Enterprise from the rest is that they will come and pick you up and take you to their office to rent the automobile that you will be using. That is a big plus for most travelers purely for convenience sake.

Car rental services 4

Renting a vehicle can be for your entire stay at your destination or it can be done for short periods, like a day. When you have multiple destinations on your trip, this can make a lot of sense. We have towed our car on a tow dolly, but most times it has been more convenient for us to rent a car simply because of the convenience factor.

So don’t fret. You have lots of options when it comes to getting around at your destination.

Happy RVing!