We’ve taken off time from blogging since May and we apologize for that. We do have an excuse though, well I do anyway. My excuse is that I’m not the most dedicated writer but I’m working on that. The main reason is that we had a lot of rentals this summer for both RVs, and we took a month long trip to the East Coast starting in Georgia, down to Florida, all the way up the coast to Philadelphia, and back to Georgia. We wanted to visit my side of the family and take Sally to places she hasn’t been before.

You may ask why Georgia? Well, that was because we didn’t use either one of our RVs. We happened to have Delta SkyMiles to use, so we flew direct from San Jose to Atlanta. Thanks Delta! My sister has a home north of Atlanta at Lake Arrowhead and one of my nieces and her husband have their dental practice in Woodstock. We rented a car from Enterprise since my son is a manager with Enterprise so we got the family perks. Thanks Matt, and Enterprise Car Rental!


Lake Arrowhead GA

Since my sister and her husband are selling their home in Florida, that would be our first leg of the trip, but we needed to make a stop in Savannah, GA to move my sister’s other daughter (I have lots of nieces and nephews) into her new apartment near the Savannah College of Art and Design – SCAD,  where she is in her masters program. That entailed touring Savannah and the surrounding environs. We love that.


Downtown Savannah, GA

After that it was down to Stuart, FL with a stop at Kennedy Space Center. We used my sister’s home their as our jumping off point to go over to the Gulf coast, and down and back thru that Everglades. We ran into severe weather so our touring was limited.


Twin Rivers Park, Port Salerno, FL

From Florida we headed up I-95 to Myrtle Beach for a rest stop. The next day our destination was Wachapreague, VA on the Delmarva peninsula where one of my brother’s lives with his wife. That was an interesting town to say the least. The next day we went to Rehobeth Beach, DE to stay with my other sister and her family at their summer cottage on the bay.


Morning at Myrtle Beach, SC


Dock on the Bay at Wachapreague, VA


On the Boardwalk, Rehobeth Beach, DE







The Philadelphia burbs (Phoenixville) was our northern most point in our travels so we could visit with two more brothers and their families. We made some side trips into the middle part of Pennsylvania or as it is called by some, Pennsyltucky. The middle of the sate is more rural than it is urban and is very relaxing after all the big city trials. It also happens to be the location of small dirt race tracks that my nephews race their Midgets at. They run in a racing organization called ARDC, or American Race Driver’s Club. It has been around as long as I can remember and is the racing spawning ground fir some great drivers, among whom is Mario Andretti.


Fort Washington State Park Whitemarsh, PA

Our swing south back to Atlanta included a stop in our nation’s capital, D.C., then over to the Shenandoah Valley and down the Skyline Drive. We then headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park, and from there to Roswell, GA where our niece and her family live.  We rested up for the flight home.


Capital Mall, D.C.


Shenandoah National Park, VA


Talullah Gorge State Park Talullah Falls, GA







We’ll be posting blogs for each segment of out travel with photo’s and our respective impressions on the differences and similarities of the East Coast and the West Coast. Stay tuned and watch our Facebook page for updates. Just click on our Facebook page link at the bottom of our web pages to see the latest on our travels.

Oh, and one other piece of news. Drumbeat please….. We sold our Class C Winnebago, sine it was aging out of the fleet at Family RV with a new purchase in mind. We have offered on another RV and will release the big news on that one in a few weeks once we have it firmly in our fleet. We are definitely excited about this one.

Happy travels, Y’all!

Toni and Sally