What happened to Lakbay the Intruder.  In order to streamline our little operation and to give us better personal options we decided to sell our Damon Intruder. When we purchased the Intruder it was our plan to use it as our summer trip home and for short trips to see our family down in L.A. In order to offset the costs we decided to rent it out. We used Outdoorsy.com for the Intruder and the Class C Winnebago. We also used Family RV in Morgan Hill, CA to primarily rent the Winnebago. When FRV aged out the Winnie we decided to sell that. That’s where Lakbay II the Scepter came in. 

LakBay I The Intruder

Winnie The Winnebago Minnie Winnie

After traveling in the Intruder, which had a Ford based truck chassis we grew tired of the ride and noise while driving, well mostly the noise. I had improved the chassis to make the ride acceptable almost to the point of being like a DP with airbags, but not quite.  We loved the interior which was well laid out and we improved it after we bought it, but the exterior was a piece of work as the previous owner let it sit in the sun and allowed the graphics to fade and crack. I was able to repaint the main graphics which improved the appearance.

For us it wasn’t to be our long term vehicle if we decide to full time. Our intention was to continue renting the Intruder and at the same time look for a RV that might better fit our long term needs. That time came sooner than we expected.

It seems that with the interest in RVing growing the market for new RVs, especially smaller motorhomes such as Class B’s, has grown in the last couple of years. This has created a glut in the market for older RVs that have been traded in. In some cases those that owned Class A’s traded their large motorhomes in for the smaller ones.  This, in turn, has set up a competitive pricing market for these used motorhomes, particularly the Diesel Pushers. This presented us with the opportunity to find a Class A DP that could possibly fit our longer term desires at a decent price. Enter the 2003 Holiday Rambler Scepter 40PDBB, or as we now call it Lakbay II.

The Scepter is a 40 foot diesel pusher on a Roadmaster chassis with a 350HP Cummins diesel engine,  It sleeps 6 people, or 8 in a crunch, and is self contained. Presently it has a small solar panel to keep the batteries charged, but we plan to upgrade that to at least 100W or more. When we purchased it we got it at very low retail and that allowed us room for upgrades. We also knew there would be some fixes to it so it’s in Superior Motors in Morgan Hill having the fixes done. It will soon be ready for summer travel.

In the time that we have had it I was able to add a sizable dimple to the lower cargo doors on the driver’s side. Ouch! A reminder is that it’s always better to refuel at a station with extra large bay!

I’ll post a few pictures here for those of you who haven’t seen them already at our Facebook page thebrightwayrvrs.



As it stands  now we intend to rent this coach thru Outdoorsy.com so look for it soon once all the fixes are done and I have repaired the cargo doors. There is also a chance that, if we should receive an offer to sell it we may do that, we  would upgrade to a newer model for the eventual goal of full timing in 2-3 years once the DW retires from teaching.

We’ll See!