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It’s Spring! Time to prepare Lakbay II-Scepter our Class A Diesel Pusher

What happened to Lakbay the Intruder.  In order to streamline our little operation and to give us better personal options we decided to sell our Damon Intruder. When we purchased the Intruder it was our plan to use it as our summer trip home and for short trips to see our family down in L.A. In order to offset the costs we decided to rent it out. We used for the Intruder and the Class C Winnebago. We also used Family RV in Morgan Hill, CA to primarily rent the Winnebago. When FRV aged out the Winnie we decided to sell that. That’s where Lakbay II the Scepter came in.  Continue reading

2003 Holiday Rambler Scepter

East Coast Trip Georgia to PA via Florida1608

Photos of East Coast Trip from Georgia, south to Florida, and then back up to Pennsylvania.

We’re Baaaack (after a busy summer)!

We’ve taken off time from blogging since May and we apologize for that. We do have an excuse though, well I do anyway. My excuse is that I’m not the most dedicated writer but I’m working on that. The main reason is that we had a lot of rentals this summer for both RVs, and we took a month long trip to the East Coast starting in Georgia, down to Florida, all the way up the coast to Philadelphia, and back to Georgia. We wanted to visit my side of the family and take Sally to places she hasn’t been before.

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What about a Car When I Already Rented the RV???

If you’ve already read the two part blog on renting an RV for the first time, a question may have crossed your mind. How do we get around once we’ve reached our destination?   Continue reading

First Time Renting a Motorhome and Your Trip; Part 2

Picking up your rental.

Now that you’ve decided what type of motorhome to rent you’ll need to pick it up and enjoy your trip. But wait! How do you do all this? It may seem common sensical but there are a few things that you’ll need to do to make your trip a wonderful adventure.

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About our Facebook Page

Why we RV, with credits to WBUR and Frank Morris of NPR


First Time Renting a Motorhome and Your Trip; Part 1

RV Camping

Motorhome Rentals and Camping Vacations

We have two motorhomes that rent one full time and the other part time, and we thought it would be helpful for prospective renters to know what to expect when they go to rent an RV for their family vacation.

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Motorhome or Small Towable or Both!

Why am I writing this?

We haven’t fully retired yet and Sally wants to continue on as a teacher unless we win the lottery. Sally’s no fool! There are times when we have a weekend that we don’t have plans for and we get the urge to go out and camp. Now we have a tent that we have used when we started traveling years ago but we’re getting a little long in the tooth for tent camping, plus we like the amenities that the motor-homes offer.

roadtripIP4s 152

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Our Bio

I am Toni Bright and I have been with my partner in travel and life, Sally Bright, for the last nine years. Sally is a teacher here in San Jose and when she retires in about 3 years our plan is to set out on the road as full-timers. We will see and record whatever the road takes us to.

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To the Philippines and Back or why don’t I post more frequently!

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Welcome to TheBrightWayRVrs

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Why we got an RV

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Rent or Sell

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Welcome to TheBrightWayRvrs.

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